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Get $Cash$ NOW For the Money You Are Receiving!


I have some very important information for you regarding the real estate note you currently own.  In fact, I thought important enough to include on this website!

I'm sure you've received dozens of letters from people wanting to pay you cash for your note.  You may have investigated some of these buyers only to find they had to shop around and play games with your time.  Well, I'm not one of them.  Do I buy notes?  You bet.  Lots of them.

Am I interested in wasting everyone's time or playing games?  Absolutely not!

Listen, let me be very brief and to the point and then perhaps you would be kind enough to give me a call and I'll know in a couple of minutes if we can work together.

Here's what I can do for you:

  1. I pay cash for real estate notes or land contracts anywhere in America.
  2. I pay top dollar and sometimes 100 cents on the dollar.
  3. I move fast and do all the work.
  4. I buy notes that are current and also those that are in default.  Yes, that means even if your borrower isn't paying and hasn't for months, I'm still very interested in buying the note.
  5. I can buy all your note and write you a check.  Or, buy part of it, giving you a lump sum and monthly income.  You pick the plan.  It all depends on what your needs and wants are!
  6. I buy houses.  You may have noticed the rest of my website.  Perhaps you have a house for sale or you know someone who does.  I buy several a month.  There's no cost or obligation to you.  To find out how I may be of service, simply call me with a little information about your note or house, and I'll do the rest!  Fair enough?

Our conversation will be held in the strictest of confidence.  I'm usually in the office from 9 to 5.  My number is 202-386-6128,  but my cell phone is 202-368-1341 in case I'm not in.  Let's talk.